Foam Fire Extinguishers (AFFF)

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Product Specification
Foam Fire Extinguishers (AFFF):

Foam has the ability to form an aqueous film which quickly over water-insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid fire extinguishment and vapour suppression for class b fires. Also it provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on class a fires. Hence, foam extinguishers are ideal for fires involving volatile liquids and freely burning materials such as lubricant, oil fires, paper, cloth, wood, etc.


Only for fighting class A and B fire
Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders
Brass Valve Chrome Plated Heavy duty
High quality epoxy polyester powder coated
BIS Approved
CE Certified
Maintenance should be done as per IS 2190:2010


Chemical Industry
Oil Fire/Refinery
Boiler Room

User Friendly :

Easy and More Economical to Maintain and Service
Warning : Do not use on electrical fires.

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